June 08, 2007

iSPACE in the Souhern today

Nice column in the Southern Illinoisan today on iSPACE.

Les Winkeler writes:

"Illinois is ranked last among Midwestern states in state-owned protected lands. And, with the state's recent economic downturn, funding for land acquisition has decreased about 80 percent over the past few years.

The current legislation, co-sponsored by Reps. Mike Bost and Brandon Phelps, calls for $100 million in new funding. The funding would be designated for land acquisition, provide management grants and support the implementation of the Hunting Heritage Protection Act."


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen anything posted on this lately here. Someone has to put a stop to the "whoring" of our state parks.


Jack Darin said...

Anon -

You're absolutely right. I'll post about the Pyramid deal very soon.

Anonymous said...

This is true. We need to confront this head on. It sets a bad tone that our public lands can just be given up at will. But then again, money speaks.