April 14, 2008

Gas Hits $4 - Cleaner Cars, Anyone?

Today in Chicago I saw my first $4/gallon gas. $4.04, to be exact (it was for premium). Temporary price spike, or taste of the future?

You know the feeling - your gas gauge is reading low (that tank went fast!), and you're wondering "how much is it gonna be this time?" You pull into your local Big Oil outlet and wish there was Something Somebody Could Do.

Turns out, there is. The Illinois House is considering the Illinois Clean Car Act, which would bring a cleaner version of the same car you drive now to Illinois. They're already required in 13 other states, but here we get the versions that put out more pollution and use more gas. Whatever car you need - SUV or sedan, pickup or compact, it comes in a cleaner version that uses less gas - you just can't buy it here.

Unless, of course, the Illinois General Assembly passes House Bill 3424, the Illinois Clean Car Act. A new report released today by Environment Illinois finds that, collectively, Illinois drivers would save $1.24 billion each and every year at the gas pump. A nice reward for making a big dent in global warming pollution, and preventing 100,000 asthma attacks and other respiratory symptoms annually.

So Somebody CAN Do Something. That Somebody is your State Representative. Do your part in Illinois' driver for clean air here.