February 28, 2011

Flores Out at ICC; Doug Scott In

We applaud Gov. Quinn's nomination of Illinois EPA Director Doug Scott as Chairman of the Illinois Commerce Commission. Illinois' air and water are cleaner today because of Doug Scott's work at IEPA, and he has been a champion for cleaner energy sources. His work on clean energy will be very important at the ICC, which can play an important role in helping Illinois save energy and moving to a cleaner energy future.

We are very disappointed that the Illinois Senate did not act to confirm Acting ICC Chairman Manuel Flores. Although the ICC did not act on Gov. Quinn's nomination of Flores for a full year, Flores made the most of his time at the ICC, where he fought to protect consumers and the environment. Flores fought to cut utility bills through energy conservation, showed the public the exorbitant costs of the proposed Taylorville coal plant, and was taking steps to make sure Illinois is ready for electric cars. If Flores' work for the public interest made him a target of powerful utilities, and cost him his job, then that is a shame. We call on the Senate to move quickly to confirm Doug Scott so he can get to work for the public with the full confidence that Illinois' leaders stand behind him.

Doug Scott leaves big shoes to fill at Illinois EPA. We may not have always agreed with every decision IEPA made during Scott's tenure, but he has always been fair, accessible, and committed to the public interest. We hope Governor Quinn will quickly nominate a new IEPA Director with a similarly strong commitment to protecting our land, air, and water, and moving Illinois to a cleaner energy future.