June 28, 2007

House sends iSPACE resolution to Blagojevich

The Illinois House today approved, 107-0, a joint resolution in support of iSPACE. It had been adopted by the Senate, so now goes to the Governor and the leaders negotiating the budget, calling for $100 million annually in new conservation land acquisition funding.

Legislators are about to take a break for the 4th of July holiday, and will return the week of July 9th to resume budget talks. If you see yours over the break, ask them for an update!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this money is available to rehab abandoned coal mines? It sound like it.

Anonymous said...

Lets just say when the Illinois Sierra Club launches the "boost eCOALi" campaign to boost our Environment and Economy with coal from Illinois, iSPACE will give it some space to operate.

Anonymous said...

Set aside $100 million annually to purchase new land? That much land coming out of the tax roles leads to increases in property taxes for us all, not to mention the increases in government expense for the maintenance and upkeep of these new lands. I think if the Sierra Club wants more wildlife habitat, it can go out and buy it.