December 19, 2006

Illinois Joins States Suing Over Soot

Monday Illinois joined a coalition of states suing the Bush Administration over their new proposed health standard for fine particulate matter. These particles are so small they get past our bodies' defenses and lodge deep in our lungs, where they can cause serious, even life-threatening, pollution problems.

From a news report:

"The emissions, described as much smaller than a grain of sand, come from automobiles, power plants, factories and wood fires.

The states want to reduce the current limit by 1 microgram or 2 micrograms of soot allowed per cubic foot of air. The current maximum is 15 micrograms. The states contend the EPA has ignored their pleas and scientific evidence in choosing to continue the current standard.

The federal Clean Air Act requires a review every five years to determine if air pollution standards should be adjusted. The states argue this compels the EPA to act. The states want the federal court to find the EPA failed to obey its "Congressional mandate to protect the environment and the public health," according to a statement from Spitzer's office."

Good to see Illinois among the states trying to do better.

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