December 07, 2006

Final Vote on Mercury Cleanup is Tuesday

The last step in the long fight to cut Illinois mercury pollution hopefully comes Tuesday, with the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules of the General Assembly votes on Blagojevich's plan, now approved by the Pollution Control Board.

Come watch in person -

10:30 AM, Tuesday, December 12th
James R Thompson Center, Chicago
16th floor, Room 503

It has been quite a year of hard work for Illinois EPA and all of the proponents of the rule - let's hope it all pays off Tuesday with a victory for the children of tomorrow.

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Aakash said...

Unfortunately, it's Finals Week... And the one Graduate Course that I was able to stay in, this semester, meetings on Tuesdays. (It isn't until 6:00 PM, but I have a bunch of work to turn in by, and am weeks behind, due to the elections... I think this may be another all-nighter.)

But thanks for making us all aware of this event... I haven't looked into this particular issue, and so don't have a position on this measure, but hopefully, there will be a good turnout, at this meeting.