August 09, 2006

Victory for Springfield!

Tonight in Springfield, the City Council approved the agreement between the Sierra Club and City Water, Light, and Power that will clean the air, promote renewable energy, and create jobs in the Springfield region - a win-win-win for Springfield residents and businesses.

Among the highlights of the agreement -

-State-of-the art pollution controls on the new coal plant CWLP will build
-A commitment to purchase 120 megawatts of wind energy, including enough to power the entire state capitol!
-New conservation and efficiency programs to help residents and businesses cut power bills
-A commitment to reduce city-wide emissions of global warming pollution to 7% below 1990 levels by 2012, as called for by the Kyoto Protocol

CONGRATULATIONS to our Sangamon Valley Group leaders and volunteers, who have withstood baseless criticism of the Sierra Club since the agreement was announced a month ago, and to Becki Clayborn, Bruce Nilles, and Verena Owen who worked with them to negotiate and then defend the agreement. Thanks also to CWLP for thinking outside the box to work with us to craft a truly groundbreaking agreement that sets a great example for others to follow, while also being the best deal for local ratepayers.

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