August 08, 2006

Ravinia PAC Party

We had a great fundraiser for Sierra Club, IL PAC Sunday night at Ravinia. Good food, drink, Yo-Yo Ma and the CSO, and we raised enough to fund one full campaign on behalf of an environmental champion this fall.

By electing more candidates, Democrats and Republicans, who share our values, we can not only do a better job protecting Illinois' environment, but also set an example for America to follow.

We sincerely appreciate the donations that gave us good food and drink while allowing us to channel contributions directly to the campaigns where they can make a critical difference. Thank you to Hel's Kitchen for the sandwiches, pasta salad, and fruit kebabs, Sam's in Highland Park for the wine, and Kathy and Mary for the tasty homemade desserts.

And thanks to everyone who came! We hope to see you on the campaign trail, and back at Ravinia next summer!


Kathy said...

Woah - that's one great looking pie!

Thanks for letting me help, it was really fun. I'm glad this event was such a success for you guys!

Jack Darin said...

And good eatin' too!

Anonymous said...

great event. one question though: why is it that the Sierra club organizes fund raisers at a park that refuses to spend the money to recycle? Just last night there were ~5000 in attendance. It is painfull to see all those cans and bottles go to waste.

Jack Darin said...

Anon -

I have not been to Ravinia yet this year - in the past they did recycle, and passed out recycling bags to the crowd.

I'll be sure to ask them if that has changed.

We are having a Ravinia party 8/5 - send me your e-mail if you would like an invite.