September 15, 2005

Obama Calls For Sane Energy Policy In Wake of Katrina

We all know Barack Obama can give a great speech. Today's was stirring - a speech on the Senate floor about the lessons in the aftermath of Katrina for our nation's energy policy

"The days of running a 21st century economy on a 20th century fossil fuel are numbered - and we need to realize that before it's too late. "

You can read speech at

For all the devastation, injustice, and despair to come out of hurricane Katrina, it is also beginning to sound like a loud wakeup call regarding the policies of our government in many areas. Let's hope that America follows the lead of Senator Obama and others who are speaking out at this historic time to not only seek aid and justice for those impacted by the disaster, but to change the way our government protects us and our future. Better yet, let's not just hope, let's help make it happen.

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