September 08, 2005

ComEd Breaks Clean Energy Promise

Commonwealth Edison has apparently broken its commitment to meet the goals of Governor Blagojevich's Sustainable Energy Plan, notably getting 8% of the power they sell from wind and other clean sources.

ComEd has repeatedly and publicly expressed their support and commitment to acheiving this goal, and their commitment was poised to provide the market for one of the largest wind projects in the country. Having local wind power as part of our power supply would obviously clean the air, but also protect us against volatile prices, and benefit farmers and the local economy.

But Wednesday ComEd balked, and now the whole Plan is in question. It appears that ComEd is breaking their promise to the State and its customers as retaliation for Governor Blagojevich challenging their attempts to raise electric rates for residential customers.

Maybe ComEd is just posturing by doing this, but it is a severe blow both to Illinois' clean energy plans and to the company's credibility. Perhaps they will come to their senses, and keep their word. Come on, Com Ed!

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Jeff Wegerson said...

What's the large wind project. Is it the huge one down in central Ill (I can't remember the counties) that was to be collectively taken together one of the largest in the world. Do you have some links. I would like to write this up at SoapBlox/Chicago but it needs some links and some more specificity for me to do it. Of course I would credit you as the article lead source.