April 25, 2005

Staying Warm By Doing Good

Thank you to everyone who braved the wintry conditions Saturday to turn out at one of our Sierra Club Service Day events around the state. From the Shawnee National Forest to the Cook County Forest Preserves, we were impressed by the turnout amidst the cold, wind, clouds, and snow flurries.

At least 300 people turned out and helped pull exotic weeds, pick up trash, clean up an old dumpsite, fix a popular trail, and plant native prairie plants. People seemed energized to make a positive contribution locally, especially after recent bad news from Washington about drilling the Arctic, weakening the Clean Air Act, and the House passing an energy bill last week focused on coal, oil, and nuclear power.

The Chicago Tribune mentioned us in a story about the cold weather.
It’s at http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chicago/chi-0504240394apr24,1,4359803.story?coll=chi-newslocalchicago-hed

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cloyd swem said...

Stay warm by cuddlin' with your honey. Do good by fightin' the good fight. A violent, corrupt and evil beast has taken over our government. Fight fire with fire!!! Just don't use gas to light it.