April 24, 2005

Catholic Conservation Conclave

Saturday I spoke at the Ecology Day conference of the Joliet Diocese of the Catholic Church. It was inspiring to talk to Catholics from parishes in 7 counties south and west of Chicago about opportunities for congregations to help protect creation.

Obviously Pope John Paul II will be remembered for many things, but hopefully his respect for creation and call for Catholics to protect it will be among them. See here for the late Holy Father on the hiking trail, and some powerful statements about the importance of environmental protection, see:


People of faith are a fundamental pillar of the environmental movement. In fact, it’s hard to think of an important social change movement in history that wasn’t strongly supported, if not led, by religious leaders and individuals. The growing consciousness of the importance of being good stewards of creation across denonominations can only help.

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cloyd swem said...

Jesus drank a lot of wine, was uneducated and liked whores. I'm in!!! Please, Thank you & Good day. Keep the faith. Avalon!!!