May 29, 2009

Marc Miller Confirmed At IDNR

Congratulations to Marc Miller, who was finally confirmed today by the Senate as Director of the IDNR.

Marc is just the man for the big job of restoring the IDNR's integrity and ability to protect Illinois' great outdoors. Miller is a natural resource professional, an avid Illinois outdoorsman, and he has dedicated his career to protecting Illinois' rivers, lakes, streams, and other special places for current and future generations. He can unite the many constituents of the IDNR - hunters, hikers, anglers, birdwatchers and all of us who hope to pass on Illinois' natural heritage to future generations - to advocate for for adequate funding for the Department in these very troubled financial times.

Hopefully the IDNR budget will enjoy the same strong support in the next few days that his confirmation did today.

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