March 29, 2008

Lights Out, Chicago!

Tonight from 8-9PM is "Earth Hour", when people across the globe will be turning off unnecessary lights and appliances in a symbolic show of strength in the fight against global warming.

Obviously we need a lot more than one dark hour to solve global warming, but it is impressive to see the lengths to which the City of Chicago and its partners are going to drive participation tonight.

It's too bad the forecast calls for a cloudy night, it would have made for amazing stargazing. Still, those with a view of the Chicago skyline should see some dramatic images of iconic skyscrapers going dark.

Of course, people anywhere can participate, so lights out, everyone!

Earth Hour US - Earth Hour 2008

March 07, 2008

Bill Foster For Congress

Voters have a clear environmental choice in the March 8th special election in the 14th Congressional District. Bill Foster's strong science background gives him a unique understanding of the challenges facing our environment, and he will be an articulate advocate for solving global warming, protecting endangered species, and cleaning up air and water pollution.

He supports:

-Setting limits on greenhouse gas pollution
-Promoting smart energy solutions, like renewables and energy efficiency, to create jobs, cut our dependence on foreign oil and cut pollution
-Strengthening the Clean Water Act, to better protect Illinois' wetlands, our Fox River, and all of America's waters
-Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling

Bill Foster is a scientist who has won an energy efficiency award from the Department of Energy, is uniquely poised to not only protect our national treasures like the Arctic, but also to help lead us to a new green economy that will create new jobs in our state while helping us to meet the challenges associated with global warming.

Sierra Club endorses Bill Foster, and urges all 14th District voters who want to see Congress do more to protect our environment to support him in Saturday's special election.