March 29, 2008

Lights Out, Chicago!

Tonight from 8-9PM is "Earth Hour", when people across the globe will be turning off unnecessary lights and appliances in a symbolic show of strength in the fight against global warming.

Obviously we need a lot more than one dark hour to solve global warming, but it is impressive to see the lengths to which the City of Chicago and its partners are going to drive participation tonight.

It's too bad the forecast calls for a cloudy night, it would have made for amazing stargazing. Still, those with a view of the Chicago skyline should see some dramatic images of iconic skyscrapers going dark.

Of course, people anywhere can participate, so lights out, everyone!

Earth Hour US - Earth Hour 2008

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Anonymous said...

Now if the City of Chicago would only provide its residents with a decent recycling program. Just think of the impact on climate change if the city's waste was recycled into new products rather than landfilled. Lower energy use and fewer emissions would be the result compared to making products with virgin materials. It's a shame that the Sierra Club and other local environmentalists are afraid to take on Mayor Daley and make recycling a top priority.