January 30, 2008

Champions For Change In Springfield

Here are Sierra Club's endorsements for General Assembly in the February 5th Republican and Democratic Primary elections. An unusual number of contested races this year creates new opportunities to elect environmental champions, and unprecedented threats to the General Assembly’s current environmental leaders. These are Democrats and Republicans we know will fight for smart energy solutions, healthy air and water, and open space.

The next General Assembly will decide whether Illinois takes serious action to fight global warming, create jobs in the new energy economy, and protect our drinking water from pollution. These are Democrats and Republicans, from downstate, the suburbs, and Chicago, who know that protecting the environment is good for the economy, good for our health, and good for our pocketbooks.

The legislature is expected to address major energy and environmental issues in the near future, including:

-Whether Illinois becomes the next “clean car” state, joining 14 others that have opted for cars that save money at the pump by using less gas, and put out less pollution

-State limits on global warming pollution, with major incentives for the creation of “green collar jobs”

-State programs to protect open spaces from development

-New drinking water safeguards

Illinois is on the verge of some very exciting changes that provide an economic boost while making our state a healthier place. However, to make these changes we need champions for solutions in Springfield, and we are proud to recommend this slate to Illinois primary voters.

Sierra Club has made these endorsements in primary elections so far. More endorsements will be made for the fall general election. Our priority with this round was to consider contested primary races.

Illinois House of Representatives

7 Karen Yarbrough (D)
9 Arthur Turner (D)
11 John Fritchey (D)
12 Sara Feigenholtz (D)
13 Greg Harris (D)
14 Harry Osterman (D)
16 Lou Lang (D)
17 Elizabeth Coulson (R)
18 Julie Hamos (D)
22 Sandy Pihos (R)
25 Barbara Flynn-Currie (D)
26 Will Burns (D)
27 Monique Davis (D)
29 David Miller (D)
34 Connie Howard (D)
38 Al Riley (D)
41 Bob Biggins (R)
48 Dave Carlin (R)
56 Paul Froehlich (D)
57 Elaine Nekritz (D)
58 Karen May (D)
59 Kathy Ryg (D)
62 Sandy Cole (R)
66 Christine Prochno (R)
71 Mike Boland (D)
78 Deborah Graham (D)
92 Allen Mayer (D)
96 Darlene Senger (R)

Illinois Senate

2 William Delgado (D)
7 Heather Steans (D)
41 Christine Radogno (R)
3 Mattie Hunter (D)
6 John Cullerton (D)
12 Martin Sandoval (D)
21 Dan Cronin (R)
29 Susan Garrett (D)
30 Terry Link (D)
39 Don Harmon (D)
42 Linda Holmes (D)

Sierra Club volunteers are working to assist the campaigns and educate area voters about the candidates’ positions on the issues. Sierra Club represents over 25,000 members in Illinois, and has been reaching to involve those members and, through Sierra Club Illinois Political Action Committee, the general public in these campaigns.

More information about Sierra Club’s endorsements is available at www.illinois.sierraclub.org/vote


Tony said...

I am quitting the Sierra Club and doing my own research on the endorsements.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Jack! Imagine my surprise when I come home tonight and heard a message from you stumping for a candidate! What a coincidence. We went to school together back in the day. Glad to see you're doing well.

Joe Sutton