January 06, 2007

Springfield Clean Power Deal Story

Nice story in today's Chicago Tribune on our deal with Springfield's utility:



Anonymous said...

The Sierra Club should be commended for the clean air agreement. It's very good.

However, I was disappointed to learn that your representatives negotiated the deal with the Springfield utility and its lawyers behind close doors in Chicago.

The public was kept in the dark until the negotiations were completed. Further, the Sierra Club was opposed to making any changes based on input from the local alderman and citizens.

I would think your group would be more supportive of open and transparent decision-making processes.

Anonymous said...

A great blog. I have added details about the Sierra Club's upcoming energy-related film festival to my own blog at: http://healthygreenblog.typepad.com/weblog/2007/01/forget_the_osca.html. Cheers, Ian.