July 12, 2006

A Smart Energy Future For Springfield

I was in Springfield today to announce a remarkable agreement between the Sierra Club, City Water, Light, and Power (Springfield's utility), and the State of Illinois, that:

-Allows CWLP to build a new coal power plant with state-of-the-art pollution controls
-Commits CWLP to reducing global warming pollution by the levels called for in the Kyoto Protocol
-Provides for all state government buildings under the Governor's control to be powered by wind
-Will bring new initiatives to save Springfield citizens and businesses money through conservation and efficiency programs.

Yes, the Capitol building and over 100 other state properties in Springfield will be powered by wind. And we're not talking about capturing the hot air from the House and Senate chambers - new investements by CWLP in wind energy will bring green power to Springfield residents and state government.

We believe this is the first utility in America to agree to the carbon reduction limits proposed in the Kyoto Protocol.
We are proud to partner with CWLP, Springfield, and the State to reach this landmark agreement for 21st century energy plan that meets Springfield's power needs while setting an example for the rest of Illinois, and indeed America, to follow.

The agreement will pay off for Springfield ratepayers and residents. The conservation and efficiency programs CWLP will offer will help homeowners and businesses save money on their electric bills. Diversifying their source of power to include wind will help protect against price shocks caused by volatile markets. And, the pollution control installations, efficiency investments, and new wind power will create local jobs.

The package awaits a vote by Springfield's city council next week. Hopefully the council will embrace this 21st century deal as a win-win for Springfield and our planet.


Anonymous said...

Rich Whitney, the Green Party's candidate for Illinois Governor, has an excellent plan. He calls it a New Deal for Sustainable Energy in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how an organization claiming to defend the environment can come out for anything as oxymoronic as clean coal.

I don't care how much sulfur dioxide it emits, you still have to mine it.

Do you know how much water Peabody Coal wasted slurrying coal to the Mojave Desert (coal-fired( Generation Plant? 52 quadrillion gallons of precious, pristine=, sand-filtered desert water; 52 quadrillion gallons.

Someone from the Sierra Club came out here, to California, claiming to represent "C-Aquifer for Dineh (Navajo" and wanted me to try to get him on the radio, but I didn't trust him because I've read about so many Sierra Club "victories" like these. Big Mountain Hopi and Navajo have asked that the oxymoron "clean coal" be expunged from the language.