April 22, 2006

Tackling Another Source of Mercury

Governor Blagojevich marked Earth Day today by signing legislation to require the recycling of car parts that contain mercury before the cars are scrapped. The legislation will go a long way toward eliminating the second largest source of mercury pollution in Illinois. Currently, old car parts are either landfilled or melted down for recycling, and if the mercury-containing parts aren't taken out, the mercury goes up in smoke when the metal is melted, or can leach from a landfill into groundwater.

Congratulations to State Rep. Karen May, who made this her top priority for three legislative sessions, and the Illinois Environmental Council, which led the environmental community's efforts to pass the legislation.


Nathan Helsabeck said...

Of course reducing Mercury is a great thing, but has Rod really done much for the enviornment? Hardly. Now is the time for real change in Illinois.


Anonymous said...

Go Rod Go! :)