March 08, 2006

Key Clean Air Measures Move Toward Passage In Springfield

Good news from Springfield as the General Assembly moves into the home stretch - two clean air measures took major steps toward becoming law last week.

State Rep. Karen May and State Sen. Terry Link reached an agreement with the automakers on a program to recycle mercury-containing car parts that are currently being landfilled, where the mercury could get into drinking water, or vaporized when junked cars are melted down. The agreement is contained in both HB5578 and SB2884, which each passed their respective chambers last week and appear headed for the Governor's desk. Congratulations to May, Link, and the Illinois Environmental Council, who have worked for two years on this issue. The Tribune has a story in Thursday's paper on it here.

Also last week State Rep. Eileen Nekritz passed HB 4782 out of the House which would limit excessive idling by diesel trucks. Diesel exhaust can be very dirty and unnecessary idling pumps these fumes into our air, often in residential neighborhoods. TV news in Chicago tonight is reporting that an idling truck near downtown building's air intake may have been the source of carbon monoxide levels that forced the building's evacuation.

Good too see Illinois moving forward toward cleaner air!

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