January 18, 2006

Blagojevich Highlights Clean Air Initiatives in State of State Speech

Some pundits may dismiss Blagojevich's State of the State speech today as campaign hot air, but the Governor did have some strong words to say about clean air in the address to lawmakers today.

The mercury reduction and fuel-efficient vehicle programs plugged in today's speech would make a big difference for health and air quality. It's good to see the Gov. giving these two environmental initiatives priority placement in his agenda for 2006.

Both programs received decent applause from the gallery and from Democrats in the chamber. A few Republicans, who were mostly quiet throughout the speech, applauded the mercury intiative, and a few more the clean car program.

Reporters seem mostly interested in reporting this as a campaign story, but perhaps some of the substance will come through in stories this week.

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luvoutdoors said...

Open Space

The Sierra Club, Illinois Chapter's Land Campaign focuses on the creation, protection and management of public lands across Illinois. Consider:

Join Pheasants Forever, The Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Whitetails Unlimited, Quail Forever These sportsmans groups & others spend a large amount of money every year on setaside land & conservation efforts. All without raising taxes.

Jack Darin said...

I would agree that sportsmen have done a lot for conservation, and that there is much more that unites "environmentalists" with "sportsmen".

For example, we all participate in Partners for Parks and Wildlife to support adequate funding for IDNR.