November 07, 2005

Good Times At the Mines

We had over 200 people tonight at our 2006 campaign kickoff fundaiser at Kingston Mines in Chicago. This gives us a huge boost going into a campaign season that is full of opportunities to elect environmental champions.

Senator Cullerton and Representative Feighenholz spoke well about the importance of having a Sierra Club voice in Springfield, and in camapaigns around the state.

Thanks to everyone who came, and who helped make it happen!


Anonymous said...

The Sierra Club and other environmental groups are turning me into a republican with their destruction of "non-native" trees. I am a long time nature lover and die-hard Dem who loves the woods LIKE IT IS NOW NOT LIKE IT WAS IN 1860 or any other arbitrary date. I will NOT vote for anyone who supports spending tax dollars tearing out trees from wooded areas. If that means I have to turn Republican, so be it, at least they know how to leave something alone.

RBD said...

Wow anonymous. I think you are going to be very disappointed to discover that Republicans place great importance on the value of their property. They understand even more than City Democrats that public land killed by an overgrowth of exotics will cause the neighborhood to look equally dead. I suspect you will have a hard time finding a candidate who opposes healthy forests.

Republicans also won't want to pay the higher insurance rates caused by the serious increase in fire risk for the people living near the dying forests, especially if this drought continues.

Anonymous said...

show me the scientific proof. (the truth behind this is actually "show me the money") Who do you work for Monsanto, DOW? or the U of I with a grant from Monsanto or DOW? Or maybe the DNC with a grant from DOW or Monsanto. Prove to me that herbicide in my woods is a good thing. BS. What is the definition of "non-native"? Show me the scientific proof that the bogus "non-native" plants actually cause harm. There is none. This is a ridiculous scam to take and spend my tax dollars and use them to destroy the woodland I love.