June 13, 2005

Last Week For Comments on Shawnee Plan

If you haven't been to Illinois' only national forest, the Shawnee, it is a really special part of the state. Roadless forests, pristine streams, unique geologic formations, and more make the Shawnee an outdoor recreation mecca for the midwest, and an important ecological resource for many species of wildlife.

Sierra Club won a lawsuit a decade ago overturning a plan to allow logging, oil drilling, and mining on the Shawnee. Now the Forest Service has a new proposed plan, with some improvements, but again with provisions for logging and mining.

You have until June 20th to add your voice to Illinoisans who are asking the Forest Service to make habitat protection and passive outdoor recreation the top priorities for the Shawnee.

More information is available at:


Anonymous said...

Hey Jack-

Heard you on WBEZ this morning; nice job! Keep up the good work!

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