May 12, 2005

Illinois EPA Director Renee Cipriano To Leave, Doug Scott Next IEPA Director

Governor Blagojevich announced today what has been rumored for some time, that Director Renee Cipriano will be leaving the Illinois EPA. The Governor also announced that Cipriano's replacement will be Doug Scott, former State Representative and Mayor of Rockford.

Illinois' air and water are cleaner thanks to the work Renee Cipriano has done during her years of public service to the people of Illinois. She has served at least three Governors, as IEPA Director, General Counsel, and Environmental Advisor to George Ryan. She was one of, if not the only agency head from the Ryan administration kept on by Blagojevich. During her tenure at Illinois EPA, Illinois has definitely upgraded safeguards against pollution in our rivers, lakes, and drinking water. Before her time at the helm the Agency was constantly battling clean water advocates in attempts to weaken standards at the behest of industry. We have also made steady progress toward healthy air quality.

Environmentalists often disagree with Illinois EPA, but Renee has always been honest and fair in dealing with citizens and environmental advocates. We wish her the best in the future.

Doug Scott has the experience and skills to be a very successful protector of our land, air, and water. We worked with Scott while he was in the legislature to strengthen environmental laws, and while he was Mayor of Rockford to promote the cleanup of toxic waste sites that threaten public health and impede economic development. His close relationship with the Governor and good relationships with many legislators will be assets for the Agency as well.

We look forward to working with Doug Scott to clean up pollution from coal-fired power plants, enforce the Clean Water Act, and protect Illinois' environment for our families and our future.

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